About Us

ICE Taggisar - 2-pack ENG (Package front 900x900)
Here at Taggisar ® we believe in the power of a connected world. We provide technologies and products that help people communicate via the cloud.

Using the latest technology we have developed one of our most popular products; the Taggisar ® ICE Sticker.

These simple stickers can be attached to anything you wear or carry with you (cycle helmet, phone, wallet, purse etc) and in the case of an emergency the QR code can be read within seconds to give access to important information, like:

  • your name & date of birth
  • who you would like to be contacted in an emergency,
  • details of any medication you are taking,
  • any medical conditions you have,
  • any allergies you suffer from

You control the information you make available and you can amend it online whenever you choose.ice_phone_with_ruth

Time is often of the essence in an emergency and gaining access to this important information quickly can often make all the difference.

Taggisar® ICE Stickers are simple to use, easy to update and the ICE symbol makes them easily recognisable to the emergency services.

Taggisar® ICE stickers are available in packs of 5 or 2 unique stickers which can be registered individually or easily linked.

Taggisar technology is patent protected.  Taggisar® is a registered trademark owned by Scantags AB.  The company was founded in Sweden in 2011 and is the (very!) proud winner of the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award in ‘Cut The Wire Awards’ 2011.