ICE Taggiar 5-pack (Packaging to Webshop 900x900 - front and back) Sale!

ICE stickers 5-pack

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Stickers that save lives!

Save your medical alert information in these stickers. Put the stickers on any item you wear or carry with you.

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Product Description

ICE Stickers is a product created and designed to save lives.

You store valuable information about yourself in the ICE sticker. Information that can be valuable In Case of an Emergency, like an accident or if you gets seriously ill.

The information stored in ICE Taggisar is typically your name, a photo of you for identification, social security number, contact details to next of kin, current medicines and allergies.

The information stored in ICE Taggisar can easily be shared to any first responder or to any person that needs access to the information. The information is shared by scanning the QR code on the sticker.

Each package includes five unique stickers. The five stickers can be used by five different persons.

The product packaging is in english. The stickers has english as default language.

Size: 200×59 mm (package)
46×22 mm (stickers)


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